Supervise Asbestos Removal



Successful participants will receive a statement of attainment for ‘Supervise Asbestos Removal’ which is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications framework.

This statement is issued by Promed International (RTO 40705)

  • CPCCBC4051A - Supervise Asbestos Removal
Course Overview

It is a legal requirement for nominated personnel to supervise the removal process of both friable and non-friable asbestos. Our course is designed so that the participant will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to supervise and ensure the safe removal of friable and non-friable asbestos containing material (ACM), whether it be on a domestic or commercial site.

Ensuring compliance whilst implementing the asbestos removal control plan (ARCP) is paramount to the effective performance of the supervisors role. This includes ensuring and documenting that required air monitoring and other testing and certification processes are conducted by licensed asbestos assessors according to legislation.

Our course covers planning for and supervising the removal process, preparing the work area and the work site, using safe and compliant removal practices, maintaining safety procedures, and supervising the decontamination and removal processes.

In order to supervise the removal of asbestos, you will need to hold either a class A or class B licence (depending on what type of asbestos removal you will be supervising). Successful completion of this course is all that is required to be deemed a supervisor, therefore no additional licence is necessary.

Course Outline
  • Plan for Asbestos removal
  • Prepare site for removal
  • Supervise testing, compliance and documentation in consultation with the licensed asbestos assessor and the asbestos removalist
  • Oversee removal and decontamination processes
  • Supervise and support team members
Requirements for Supervision:

Friable Asbestos - Any Amount

  • A 'class A' asbestos removal licence is for businesses removing any amount of friable asbestos (material that contains asbestos and is in a powder form or that can be crumbled, pulverised or reduced to a powder by hand pressure when dry).
  • Class A asbestos removal licence holders must ensure the removal of friable asbestos is directly supervised by a nominated supervisor.
  • Nominated supervisors for class A asbestos removal work must be at least 18 years old and have at least three years or relevant industry experience.
  • The nominated supervisor must also have certification in CPCCDE3015A Remove friable asbestos and CPCCBC4051A Supervise asbestos removal.

Non-Friable Asbestos - More than one person

  • Where class B asbestos removal work is being carried out by more than one person, the licence holder must ensure a supervisor is readily available to the workers carrying out the asbestos removal work.
  • A class B asbestos removal work supervisor must be at least 18 years old and have at least one year of relevant industry experience.
  • The supervisor must have certification in CPCCDE3014A Remove non-friable asbestos or CPCCDE3015A Remove friable asbestos.
State - Specific Information


The transitional arrangement permitting holders of valid bonded (non-friable) asbestos removal certificates issued under the repealed WHS Regulation 2008 to supervise Class B asbestos removal work expired on 31 December 2014.

New South Wales

Class B supervisors must also have certification in CPCCBC4051A Supervise asbestos removal.

Course Duration

1 Day - Allow 10 hours

  • POA

All course material and necessary equipment for you to undertake training

Please note - Promed International will NOT use any material containing asbestos during this training course

Participant Requirements
  • All participants must hold a current certificate of CPCCOHS101A - ‘Work safely in the construction industry’
  • All participants must hold either certificate CPCCDE3014A - ‘Remove non-friable asbestos’ OR CPCCDE3015A - ‘Remove friable asbestos’
  • Transport
  • Appropriate comfortable clothing and enclosed footwear
  • Lunch and refreshments